Almost all the art in Chaosmos is original and ©MirrorBoxGames. Some images used are Creative Commons Zero (CC0/Public Domain), or are Creative Commons 3.0 Remix/Share Alike, and are attributed below. Ethnocentric font by Ray Larabie. Handelmod fonts by Bitstream, Inc. It is our belief that all other art is owned by MBG, or legally licensed. If you are interested in a license for our art, please contact us. Asteroids Paid license via iStockPhoto Barren Planet (by Luyten, “I, the copyright holder of this work, release this work into the public domain. This applies worldwide.”) Box border “Use freely in commercial and non-commercial work! No crediting required!” Thanks regardless, Geminoidi! Box planet (ESO, CC4.0) Card and player shield art: Paid license via iStockPhoto: Paid license via ShutterStock: Chaos Clock texture (CC:iconCD-STOCK) Chaos Clock (ancient Urartian shield, public domain) Character sheet background (used with permission by author Hameed) by Hameed, used specifically with permission for our character sheets. Thank you so much Hameed! Cipher texture (CC3.0) Comet (NASA) Cosmic Pool waves (CC2.0 and CC3.0) thank you! Dhizmurq by redwolf518stock. Thanks! Mel-Ghor (CC3.0) Ovoid (CC3.0) by iamNigelMorris Pendra (licensed by Geosammy. Thanks Geosammy! Planet textures (CC3.0 and NASA) Klikktok (CC2.0) Singularity Gate lightning (CC3.0 by Tobaal) Space (Sweetie187, CC with attribution) Thank you!! Starfields (NASA) Uloo (CC3.0) Void (NASA) Wood clock – texture by SweetSoulSister “You may use this image for ANYthing, commercial and offsite use is fine, no credit required.” Thanks regardless!